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September 25, 2008

Here’s what I’m thinking about today (or, I’m posting something so you know I’m still here).

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I was listening to sports radio on my way home from work tonight and some caller started talking about being a man of faith.  Something along the lines of, “I’m a man of faith – I play baseball at a Christian college, and just because people of faith aren’t into doing things other people are into doesn’t mean we can’t be competitive.”

I had just turned on the radio so I heard this out of context with whatever prompted the call.  But I found myself thinking less about his overall point than his contention that people of faith aren’t into what “other” people are into.  Why do we have to keep drawing lines in the sand between us and them?  Why is the mark of a Christian that we’re not doing some particular sin?

As I understand the gospel, the difference between a Christ follower and the “other” people in this world is that we have recognized our frailty, our rebellion against our creator, and our utter helplessness to conquer sin on our own.  We’ve accepted forgiveness.  That’s it.  Have I missed something?


July 18, 2008

Josh Hamilton

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Why do I love the Josh Hamilton story?

Not because he’s a great baseball player.

Not because he’s an unashamed follower of Christ.

Because as he speaks, he never says he has defeated his addictions.  He has someone carry around his meal money so he doesn’t spend it on drugs.  He knows all too well the human condition, and from that perspective receives the grace that’s offered to him.  He doesn’t stand on a platform and proclaim Christ from a position of strength.  He proclaims Christ from a position of utter weakness.  Even though he’s Josh Hamilton.

September 11, 2007

Great Weekend

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    My friend Josh surprised me with a visit this past weekend.  He arranged with my wife to come out from Charlotte for a three day weekend, and showed up on my doorstep much to my delight and surprise.  We enjoyed a Royals game, watching an Illini football game at a sports bar, some quality brews, and lots of great conversation.

Guys have a hard time typically developing friendships like this.  I know, because I don’t have any others that I would call a friend to this degree.  I hope he can eventually move his family back closer to KC.  I know Charlotte is an awesome city, but I really wish we could hang out together on a much more frequent basis.

Josh, it meant a ton to me that you would take your time and money to come out to see me.  Thanks, bud.  And Jen and I both can’t wait to see your bride again and meet your handsome little son.

July 18, 2007

A couple of thoughts

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First off – came across this church in East Lansing, Michigan that has a homebrewing ministry. I love the fifth objective: To resume the Church’s historical role as making the finest beer in town. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what I think of this, and I know my SBC affiliated church won’t be doing this anytime soon, but browse the referenced verses in the FAQ and in particular read the tab on “Church & Beer”. Needless to say I’m mostly in agreement, but feel free to share your thoughts be they pro or con.

Secondly, how ’bout them Royals, beating the Red Sox two out of three at Fenway. Take that, “Fever Pitch”! Make fun of the Royals in your movie, will you?

April 11, 2007

Imus Isn’t the Real Problem

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Props to Jason Whitlock (not usually my favorite sportswriter) for this column.  Amen.

February 17, 2007

Farewell, Chief

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The University of Illinois yesterday announced that Chief Illiniwek will no longer grace the basketball court or the football field as of next Wednesday. It was an inevitable step after relentless pressure by some outspoken critics for years. The death knell was sounded when the NCAA injected itself by issuing an edict banning “offensive” mascots. Somehow performing an authentic dance in authentic dress is considered offensive and demeaning by the NCAA office, so if Illinois wants to host any more postseason events, the Chief has to go. Next I think the NCAA should start attending ethnic festivals – Irish, Italian, African, Russian, German, etc. and demand that anyone who is not actually Irish stop dressing Irish and dancing Irish dances and that only Germans can dress in lederhosen and do traditional German dances. Somehow actually trying to experience another culture (the goal of such festivals) is interpreted in the case of Chief Illiniwek as a caricature, a la the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo. But Chief Wahoo survives, and Illiniwek is dead. Rest in peace, Illiniwek. We will remember.

December 19, 2006

Go Illini!

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73-70 over Mizzou.  I am so outnumbered here in KC that Illinois has no choice but to keep beating the Tigers to protect my sanity.

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