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August 19, 2008

Shackin’ Up

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I just finished reading The Shack, which, if you scan the internet or poll your friends for opinions is either the most important book since the Gospel of Matthew or should be removed from all shelves and burned in a big bonfire before everyone starts thinking God is a black woman.

Listen, I understand some of the flack the book gets.  About 75% of the story is dialogue between a broken man with a dead daughter and the Trinity.  And the Father God chooses to reveal himself for most of the book as a black woman to a man who had deep seated issues with his father.  And the Holy Spirit is represented as an ethereal Asian woman.  And Jesus is a Middle Eastern man (where’d my white bearded Jesus go?).

I want to say that anyone who has their panties in a bunch about this before reading it should actually read it and see what it has to say before passing judgment.  But more than likely they will probably also not be too happy that God comes across as loving as His only begotten son instead of spending his time with the main character reminding him of how sinful and wretched he is.

Yeah, now that I think about it, this NOVEL is pretty dangerous.  Make sure your kids spend their evenings playing family friendly XBox games and watching nonoffensive television instead of reading this one.  If you have it on your shelf, maybe it would serve as good fuel for the fire during family devotions.

May 25, 2008

Attention all Major League Scouts

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My son just turned 2 last month, and it’s time that you start familiarizing yourself with Brinton Davis.

Brinton Batting

Look at the hand-eye coordination.  He’s still looking at the place that he hit the ball as he continues his follow-through on a line drive to the opposite field.  I’m telling you, the kid can hit and he can throw.  We still haven’t found a position for him in the field, but we’re working on it.

Now, I only made it to high school baseball, but this kid is going to be different.  Major Leagues, here we come.  We’ll probably have to move somewhere south so he can play year round and we’re going to have to invest lots of money into traveling teams and the best equipment, not to mention personal trainers and nutritionists.  And, yeah, he’ll never get to go camping or play other sports or spend much time with other kids.  But he’ll have friends on his teams, so that will work itself out.

At the Royals game

And he seems to have his way with the ladies, so I’d say about 2032 we’ll have a son in the Major Leagues and grandchildren to play with.  I mean, if you don’t set goals how do you ever accomplish anything?

December 13, 2007

They’ve Finally Figured it Out!

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Found this in the Kansas City Star today. My comments follow the article (in italics).

Researchers discover why pregnant women don’t tip over


The Associated Press

WASHINGTON | Scientists think they have figured out why pregnant women don’t lose their balance and topple over despite ever-growing weight up front.Evolution provided them with slight differences from men in their lower backs and hip joints, allowing them to adjust their center of gravity, new research shows.

This elegant engineering is seen only in female humans and our immediate ancestors who walked on two feet, but not in chimps and apes, according to a study being published today in the journal Nature.

“That’s a big load that’s pulling you forward,” said Liza Shapiro, an anthropology professor at the University of Texas, the only one of the study’s three authors who has been pregnant. “You experience discomfort. Maybe it would be a lot worse if (the design changes) were not there.”

Harvard anthropology researcher Katherine Whitcomb found two physical differences in male and female backs that until now had gone unnoticed: One lower lumbar vertebra is wedge-shaped in women and more square in men; and a key hip joint is 14 percent larger in women than men when body size is taken into account.

The researchers did engineering tests that show how those slight changes allow women to carry the additional and growing load without toppling over — and typically without disabling back pain.

“When you think about it, women make it look so very … easy,” Whitcomb said. “They are experiencing a pretty impressive challenge. Evolution has tinkered … to the point where they can deal with the challenge.

Walking on two feet separates humans from most other animals. And while anthropologists still debate the evolutionary benefit of walking on two feet, there are notable costs, such as pain for pregnant females. Animals on all fours can better handle the extra belly weight.

The back changes appear to have evolved to overcome the cost of walking on two feet, said Harvard anthropology professor Daniel Lieberman.

When the researchers looked back at fossil records of human ancestors, including the oldest spines that go back 2 million years to our predecessor, Australopithecus, they found a male without the lower-back changes and a female with them.

The lower spine in humans had already developed a unique forward curve that helps compensate for the extra pressures that arose when the primate ancestors went from moving around on four limbs to walking upright.

Because the engine of evolution runs on the passage of genes from one generation to the next, pregnancy is a critical moment. Without that adaptation, Whitcomb said, females would have been in considerably greater pain during pregnancy and might not have been able to forage effectively or escape predators, ending the pregnancy and the genetic line as well.

As solutions go, the forward spine is only partly successful, Shaprio said, because women still commonly complain of back trouble and pain during pregnancy. Even the basic forward curve that promotes balance in upright walking is “not a structurally ideal solution,” she said, because it can lead to instability and even fractured vertebrae.

If evolution provided relief for women in pregnancy, one might ask, what about the equally awkward morphology of men with beer guts?

Shapiro said that their research shows that “men would not be as well adapted to a beer gut” as a woman.

Whitcomb noted that in terms of the time that the evolutionary shift occurred, “finding extra calories wasn’t likely,” so an early hominid primate with a potbelly would have been quite a rarity.

John Schwartz of The New York Times contributed to this report.


I find the choice of words the author used to begin the second and third paragraphs very thought provoking. “Evolution provided…”, “This elegant engineering…”

Biological evolution, by definition, is anything but engineering. It is trial and error. There is no end goal in mind other than survival, so the solution that is arrived upon is the best means to an end reached by random chance. It can by no means be referred to as engineering, and certainly not as elegant.

But this article does point out one very critical question we all must consider when it mentions that “anthropologists still debate the evolutionary benefit of walking on two feet.” Wouldn’t we all be better off on all fours? Let’s all give it a shot for the next week. My son moved pretty quickly on all fours before he started walking… Maybe he was onto something!

December 4, 2007

My motivation for my erratic blogging

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(If you’re having trouble reading it, click on it and it will clear up a little)

February 27, 2007

Goodbye, Church.

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    I’m trying to figure out what to do with my Sundays, now that James Cameron has discovered the body of Jesus.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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