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August 23, 2007

Crisis of Faith?

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The latest Time Magazine cover story is about Mother Teresa’s so-called “Crisis of Faith”. Apparently Mother Teresa’s recently published correspondence reveals a woman who rarely sensed God’s presence and felt lost in spiritual dryness.

The article does take a fairly balanced approach, but I have to question the title and premise. The words I see replicated in the article are not unlike those of David, or Job, or even Jesus at times. Mother Teresa often did not “feel” God and she longed to do so. But she stayed the course because she knew that God was real and that she was fulfilling her calling.

Listen, I don’t agree 100% with Mother Teresa’s theology. Some of her longings and expressions are peculiar to Catholic mysticism. But at her core, she was committed to Jesus. And anyone committed to Jesus will constantly long for more of Him until we meet Him in His full glory in heaven. Mother Teresa was conflicted, sinful, longing for more, feeling separated from God. She was a human and she experienced the Human Condition. Sure, we can call that a crisis of faith, but show me someone who is not in such a crisis and I will ask you to hold a mirror over their face to make sure it is still fogging up.

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