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June 13, 2007

Never Again?

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   Yesterday the family of young Kelsey Smith laid her to rest in a ceremony open to the public.  It was appropriate that the community be invited to the funeral, as the saga of her abduction and the discovery of her body was played out in the news media and everyone seemed to feel a connection.  She was taken from the parking lot of a Target just outside of Oak Park Mall, a place that nearly everyone in Kansas City has been to at some point in their life.  The entire community could relate to the incident.  The common sentiment was ‘that could have been my daughter (or wife, or sister, or cousin, or even me)’.  Kansas City reacted swiftly with an outpouring of support and volunteerism.  And when her body was discovered, the outrage was in unison.  Grief struck everyone hard and calls for justice were abundant (for evidence browse the comments on in the entries relating to her discovery and the arrest).

What has struck me as an observer to this event is that when evil reaches a certain point there is near unaninimity in labeling it as such.  I have yet to hear someone excuse this tragedy as part of the circle of life or natural selection working itself out.  People know that this is evil and tragic, and they want justice.  But at the same time, it has struck me that this kind of evil is on display every day in the inner city, (Just a few weeks ago a toddler was killed in K.C. during a gunfight between his older cousins.  That barely made the paper.) in Iraq, in countless communities around the world.  The same evil that leads to events like this is going on daily in our suburbs in the form of thoughts, fantasy, pornography, and things going on behind closed doors that are hidden.  But we prefer to live in ignorance to these things.  When we do encounter them, we shrug them off and make excuses.  Someone making a video depicting a teenage girl being abducted and strangled for the purpose of entertainment would be protected by first ammendment rights.  In other words, it’s all fun and games until someone loses their life and we realize it’s for real.

What’s the answer?  It’s not censorship or tighter gun control or cameras on every corner.  It’s ceasing to pretend evil doesn’t exist.  It’s recognizing it in all people including ourselves.  It’s realizing that we can’t save ourselves from evil or do enough to protect ourselves or our family.  It’s putting our trust, hope, and faith in the only One who has no trace of evil in Him.  Jesus Saves.  All other hope is a smokescreen.

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