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September 1, 2008

Let it go.

When I heard that Hallmark was introducing cards geared toward gay marriage and commitment ceremonies, my first question was, “How long before the religious right starts the boycott calls?”  Well, surprisingly I haven’t seen an official boycott call, but the American Family Association has interpreted this as Hallmark “pushing same-sex marriage” and is asking people to call the company to tell them this is a “bad business idea”. They remind us that gay marriage is illegal in 48 states, that this move is obviously driven by greed, and that we should ask them to stop promoting this unhealthy lifestyle.

The American Family Association and well-meaning Christians everywhere think they are sending a loud and clear message that homosexuality is a sin as stated in the Bible and that God will not be mocked.  That message is a true statement.  But that is not the message that is being sent.

The message that is being sent is that homosexuals are subhuman creatures who don’t deserve the dignity of being able to buy or receive a simple greeting card.  That a person with friends who have adopted a homosexual lifestyle is better off to ignore them than to send them a simple note acknowledging their decision and wishing them happiness.

We all know that we need to choose our battles.  Legislation protecting the definition of marriage is worth fighting for.  The decision of a greeting card company to offer cards that acknowledge a friend’s or family member’s decision is not a fight worth engaging.  You won’t win, and you only make yourself out to be a hypocrite to the world – preaching Christ’s love in one breath and declaring someone unworthy of a simple greeting in the next.  Let it go.

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