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May 22, 2007

They’re at it again

I don’t know if it’s Romney’s bid for president or what, but the Mormons are in an all out media blitz right now. On my drive home from work the other day I saw a billboard advertising the Mormon church as Truth Restored and heard a commercial on the sports radio station I listen to claiming that the Mormon church has the answers to all of life’s questons. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does a great job of masking its advertisements in all sorts of Christian language, and that is exactly why everyone should do some basic research on the Mormon church. The generally high moral values exhibited by Mormons along with the rhetoric lead many Christians to a confused view of the Mormon church (as well as the Community of Christ, headquartered in my backyard – Independence, MO). I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say that the beliefs of Mormons are significantly different from Orthodox Christianity. To cite a few of the major offenders; people strive to become gods, people can be baptized after death; the church was corrupted after Christ’s death and needed new revelation through the Book of Mormon.

I highly recommend the book One Nation Under Gods, by Richard Abanes. But in case you don’t have time to read a 600 page book, suffice it to say that since the history of the Mormon church goes back to the time of newspapers its sordid history is well documented. Also, the story of Joseph Smith’s translation of the golden plates (which immediately disappeared back into the earth, and have to this day eluded archaeologists) is honestly laughable. Especially when you consider that the plates supposedly go back to a time period long before Christ but manage to quote the King James Version of the Bible (popular during the time of Joseph Smith).

At any rate, I didn’t intend this entry to be a bash of Mormons. Just an encouragement to be informed as the most recent media innundation begins.

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