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September 11, 2007

Great Weekend

Filed under: Beer,Charlotte,Kansas City,Sports — kcillini77 @ 9:42 pm

    My friend Josh surprised me with a visit this past weekend.  He arranged with my wife to come out from Charlotte for a three day weekend, and showed up on my doorstep much to my delight and surprise.  We enjoyed a Royals game, watching an Illini football game at a sports bar, some quality brews, and lots of great conversation.

Guys have a hard time typically developing friendships like this.  I know, because I don’t have any others that I would call a friend to this degree.  I hope he can eventually move his family back closer to KC.  I know Charlotte is an awesome city, but I really wish we could hang out together on a much more frequent basis.

Josh, it meant a ton to me that you would take your time and money to come out to see me.  Thanks, bud.  And Jen and I both can’t wait to see your bride again and meet your handsome little son.

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