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August 7, 2007

How does someone deal with this?

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In the wake of the Minnesota bridge collapse tragedy, I came across this article in the KC Star and it struck me hard.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since.  The house where this occurred is about 2 miles from mine, and on some longer walks we end up in that neighborhood.  I just keep thinking about how the parents must feel.  From the outside looking in, it’s easy to say to Mom “It’s not your fault.  Accidents happen.”  But how does she recover from this?  How does she come to grips with what happened?  How does the dad keep himself from blaming his wife?  How do they return to normalcy?  I don’t know.

May 8, 2007

The Need to be Needed

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Recently Brinton has entered the separation anxiety phase. When we leave him with someone else he cries with an expectation of our return. I strongly believe he needs to learn to be taken care of by others, so it doesn’t pain me to leave him at the nursery at church or with a babysitter. But if we leave him in another room at a friend’s house with someone else and he begins interrupting by endless crying we have to intervene. And I’ve noticed that there’s something intoxicating about the power to calm his cries down. The feeling of being needed is addictive, so I can understand why some parents incessantly come to the defense of their kids. I think that even at the age of one, it’s something I need to fight, because if I get addicted now, it will be too easy to try to fight his battles for him later. Obviously I need to come to his rescue if he’s really in trouble, and I need to shower love on him at times every day. But even at this age he and I both need to learn that I can’t always rescue him from situations he deems uncomfortable. I just wish it was easier. Any thoughts?

April 17, 2007

How valuable is a life?

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This weekend the Kansas City Star ran a wonderfully written story about a couple who was faced with a serious dilemma.  The baby growing inside the mother’s womb would be unable to live once born.  This family made the decision to take the baby to term and deliver, and allowed a Star reporter to follow them during much of the pregnancy.  The resulting work is amazing, and incredibly thought provoking.    The first link is for a video slideshow narrarated by the mother.  It tells the story through words and pictures in about six minutes.  The article is in 2 parts and is much more detailed than the slideshow.  I recommend experiencing them all, but feel free to go in any order you choose.  I’m already registered for the Kansas City Star Online, so I’m not sure if you will be required to register or not.  If so, just do it (it’s free).

Grab your tissues, take a seat, and step into this family’s pain and great joy.

Loving Zeke – Slide Show

Love to Last a Lifetime – Article, Pt. 1

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