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July 13, 2008

Looking for feedback

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Please comment with your opinion… I know my current position, but I’m looking for help in examining all the angles.

Hypothetically, let’s say you have an opportunity to run for a position of political power.  Let’s say you are a person of deep faith who believes you have a personal relationship with Christ and those in your neighborhood who may elect you to the position are primarily people who have that same relationship.  And let’s say that in your personal prayer time you have come to a deep conviction that God really wants you to occupy that position of power.  Do you tell the constituency that may elect you that you believe God wants you in that position, or do you run the campaign purely on the strength of your record and your positions?

I really, seriously want to know what people’s thoughts are on this, so please respond.  Don’t just tell me your answer – tell me why you believe the way you do.

And no, I’m not running for office, nor do I believe I’ve heard something of great consequence from God at the moment so don’t be waiting for some big announcement from me.


  1. Hey Matt,

    I’ll give you my opinion though I do know about the specific situation that you’re referencing…

    I guess that all I have to say is, the person who’s up for ‘election’ is just a Man and could be misled with regards to his perceptions about where God wants him and where he’s meant to be a leader.

    But, by the same token, the people who are looking at him with favor and/or the people who don’t necessarily agree could also be misled! After the previous experience with the previous leader of that body of people, all of those involved with the decision should probably not put their faith the the imperfect man who is being assigned. Rather, maybe put faith in the fact that God can work through imperfect people and imperfect institutions.

    One thing that I can tell you about this potential leader is that he lead a body of individuals here in Charlotte, and he had an excellent philosophical/theological teacher that he assigned under his wing to take on that side of the responsibility.

    Just like one who’s running for political office, the best may not always win (case in point, this upcoming presidential election doesn’t even give us the choice to vote for the best!). But that doesn’t mean that God (if the elect believes) can use that individual to do great things in a way that we could have never imagined.

    Comment by Joshua — July 14, 2008 @ 9:15 pm | Reply

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about…but please enlighten me. When I read this my first thoughts were “no” I would probably not tell people that God was leading me one way or another because that would sway the people and if God was behind me in the first place then He would back me up if I was being obedient and the situation would work itself out…

    Comment by kristiapplesauce — July 15, 2008 @ 12:56 am | Reply

  3. I think I agree with the earlier comment that if God really does want that person in that position, He will put him there, without the claim being necessary. Of course, if God spoke clearly enough to me for me to have the confidence to assert that he wanted me in a specific position, maybe I would also hear Him tell me exactly what to say to get that position.

    I do know that I would be a little put “on guard” if I heard someone make that claim, although I’m not exactly sure why.

    Comment by Sarah — July 18, 2008 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

  4. Hey Matt

    Simply put, he will not have to.

    You know how you can just tell that some folks are Christians. They don’t have to say a thing, they just live and operate on a different plane from most folks, and it is obvious to all who are in contact with them. The amazing thing is that from their (the Christian under observation) perspective, they haven’t a clue that the folks around them think of them the way they do. They have submitted to Christ. He is the boss. And, they are the free-est folks on the face of the Earth.

    A person like this -that is to say a Christian politician- does not have to waste the energy to tell a soul. His lifestyle and the way he handles himself will brand him.

    This frees him to get to the business of defining the campaign.

    Comment by Mastersarge — July 19, 2008 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

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