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July 18, 2008

Josh Hamilton

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Why do I love the Josh Hamilton story?

Not because he’s a great baseball player.

Not because he’s an unashamed follower of Christ.

Because as he speaks, he never says he has defeated his addictions.  He has someone carry around his meal money so he doesn’t spend it on drugs.  He knows all too well the human condition, and from that perspective receives the grace that’s offered to him.  He doesn’t stand on a platform and proclaim Christ from a position of strength.  He proclaims Christ from a position of utter weakness.  Even though he’s Josh Hamilton.

July 13, 2008

Looking for feedback

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Please comment with your opinion… I know my current position, but I’m looking for help in examining all the angles.

Hypothetically, let’s say you have an opportunity to run for a position of political power.  Let’s say you are a person of deep faith who believes you have a personal relationship with Christ and those in your neighborhood who may elect you to the position are primarily people who have that same relationship.  And let’s say that in your personal prayer time you have come to a deep conviction that God really wants you to occupy that position of power.  Do you tell the constituency that may elect you that you believe God wants you in that position, or do you run the campaign purely on the strength of your record and your positions?

I really, seriously want to know what people’s thoughts are on this, so please respond.  Don’t just tell me your answer – tell me why you believe the way you do.

And no, I’m not running for office, nor do I believe I’ve heard something of great consequence from God at the moment so don’t be waiting for some big announcement from me.

July 12, 2008

Man, am I glad I read this sign…

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Could have been trouble.

July 5, 2008

Field Sobriety Checkpoints vs. Saturation Patrols

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An interesting article appeared in today’s Kansas City Star questioning the effectiveness of field sobriety checkpoints.

The biggest problem I have with checkpoints is not the fact that the real drunks can avoid them.  It’s the hypocrisy in having a pseudoscientific blood alcohol content limit be the determining factor in whether one is drunk or not.  A few weeks ago someone brought a breathalyzer to our neighbor’s 30th birthday celebration.  I personally blew just over the limit at one point and then retook the test 2 minutes later and was at half the limit.  The difference – the first time I had just taken a sip of beer.  So someone else who had just blown a .02 took the test with a small amount of beer in their mouth and blew a .4 – legally dead, I think.

Cities earn lots of tax money from bars so they will never threaten their existence.  But the guidelines bartenders are to abide by state that they are not to serve someone who “appears intoxicated”.  One does not “appear intoxicated” until they are stumbling over themselves and starting fights at the bar.  By that point they are well over a .08 limit.  Meanwhile someone who has had 4 beers at a bar after a softball game, happens through a checkpoint, tells the officer he had a couple, and blows a .081 gets thrown in the slammer and has their license taken away, while a habitual drunk tells the officer they didn’t have anything to drink or happens to not be one of the 25% they check that night.

I know that anyone who argues against checkpoints is viewed by MADD as someone who wants drunks on the street and people killed.  But I simply agree with the article that saturation patrols are much more effective in keeping the real drunks off the street.  If someone is more in danger of killing or injuring someone than usual, it should be very obvious to a trained officer.

July 4, 2008

Movie Recommendation – Into the Wild

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See it.

I’m not going to tell you why.  Just see it and experience it for yourself.  Trailer here.

P.S.  Yes, there’s some non-sexual nudity.  Yes there’s some language.  Yes, Sean Penn helped write and produce it.  See it anyway.

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