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May 25, 2008

Next Up on American Christian Idol: The Family!

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Try this some time. Tune into your local Christian talk radio station and listen to the commercials for a couple of hours. Do these sound familiar?

“Want to spend more time with your family? Shed the corporate world and work from home with no cold calling by joining our innovative home based business!”

“Everywhere you turn the family is under attack by liberals and homosexual agendas. Tune into our next program to learn how to protect your family.”

“Looking for homeschool curricula? Call us at…”

“On our next episode, learn about the latest reason you need to contact your senator and representative to let them know that you stand for family values.”

Many of these are, in fact, real issues that need to be addressed.  But if we really looked at the Word that these stations ostensibly exist to spread to the world, we would see that God is much more concerned with the Gospel than with family values.

What if we were more concerned with telling our neighbors that God loves them despite their screw-ups instead of making sure they know how much they’re screwing up?

What if we taught our kids WHY we believe Jesus died and rose again and WHY we believe God created us so they can help their friends find grace IN school instead of keeping them OUT of school?

What if we had conversations with our coworkers and showed them love as they go through their divorce instead of whispering about it behind their back and dreaming of the day that we can work from home and never have to deal with those people again?

What if we took our kids to visit AIDS patients and gave love to people who have sinned and are sinning just like we have and continue to do?

What if instead of giving a tithe to a church to make sure they can pay salaries for multiple youth pastors to provide safe fun in a positive environment we gave our money to feed children in a poverty stricken area and involved our children in the process?

What if?


Attention all Major League Scouts

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My son just turned 2 last month, and it’s time that you start familiarizing yourself with Brinton Davis.

Brinton Batting

Look at the hand-eye coordination.  He’s still looking at the place that he hit the ball as he continues his follow-through on a line drive to the opposite field.  I’m telling you, the kid can hit and he can throw.  We still haven’t found a position for him in the field, but we’re working on it.

Now, I only made it to high school baseball, but this kid is going to be different.  Major Leagues, here we come.  We’ll probably have to move somewhere south so he can play year round and we’re going to have to invest lots of money into traveling teams and the best equipment, not to mention personal trainers and nutritionists.  And, yeah, he’ll never get to go camping or play other sports or spend much time with other kids.  But he’ll have friends on his teams, so that will work itself out.

At the Royals game

And he seems to have his way with the ladies, so I’d say about 2032 we’ll have a son in the Major Leagues and grandchildren to play with.  I mean, if you don’t set goals how do you ever accomplish anything?

Back by popular demand

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I’ve gotten a few requests that I post here again.

Honestly, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to.  It’s just that I am, well, lazy.

But for my three loyal fans, I am ready to return to blogging.

So here goes.

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