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April 22, 2008

What would the church be without its buildings?

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I’m trying, really trying to keep from being cynical.  But I really can’t help it.

Next Sunday we start the annual “Come Together” campaign at church.  I think this is the fifth year I’ve been through it, though it may have had a different name at some point.

In essence, it started as a campaign to convince the church that we needed a bigger building to reach our community for Christ.  Once the ball was rolling and commitments were in hand, the building was constructed (with pledge cards in hand, but not necessarily cold hard cash).  Every year, we enter this “celebration time” which is pumped up as a time to reflect on all the great things our church is doing and dream even bigger.  But a key component of it is getting the newbies to sign on to help pay off the debt that the church amassed when it decided God was calling it to build a huge building and to remind us who may have fallen off the wagon that we need to keep giving as well.

There’s a part of me that thinks I should be preparing my heart for God to speak to me and show me that my church is indeed right and that it is very important that we have this building paid off in order for the gospel to be communicated.  But what I keep hearing is this:  Worst case scenario, if the church loses the building, so what?  Yeah, our big machine that keeps kids programs going and cool worship bands playing wouldn’t be able to maintain the status quo.  But the church could survive.  The church would survive.  In fact, the church would truly need to “come together” and seek God for guidance as to how to proceed.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not rooting for my church to lose its building.  But it’s not the church’s building in the first place, just like my house isn’t really my house.  It’s the bank’s, and by God’s will I am allowed to stay in it for the time being.  And if God wills the church to lose its building, then that is his prerogative.  So let’s just skip the pep talk and work on the gospel, okay?

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