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January 24, 2008

I’m obese, you’re obese…

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I love all the news reports that we are continually assaulted with showing a nameless faceless person walking around with some extra junk in the trunk. America is facing an obesity epidemic!!! Listen, I know we as Americans are addicted to the junk food and we have a lot to learn from the rest of the world about calorie intake and exercise. I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I lost 50 pounds in 2002 and have slowly put 30 of it back on.

Last week some guys at work decided to form a group called the “Fat Boyz” and work toward a goal of losing 5% of our body weight in six weeks and 10% in 18 weeks. Today was my first weigh in and I was down 4 pounds in a week. I’m proud of that, and I hope to keep it going. I’d like to lose about 20 pounds or so. But here’s what really gets me irritated. The BMI, (Body Mass Index) appears to be the tool that everyone is using to determine one’s relative health. You can calculate yours at sites like this.

You’ll notice that there are only 2 considerations – height and weight. There’s a disclaimer that if you’re muscular or athletic it may not apply, blah, blah, blah. But there is another factor that just seems blatantly ignored. Where is the dropdown menu that asks you if you are an “M” or an “F”? My wife and I are the same height. Apparently we are supposed to weigh the same. Jen has always maintained a healthy weight, but shortly after her pregnancy she was toward the higher end of the “normal” range and felt like she needed to lose weight. When I lost my 50 pounds in 2002, I was still considered 2 pounds overweight, but was in a 32 inch belt and wearing medium T-shirts. To reach the lower end of the “healthy” weight range I could have dropped another 43 pounds, at which point I think I would have needed to keep lead weights in my 24 inch jeans to keep from blowing away.

This group of guys trying to lose weight is even further evidence that the BMI calculator “healthy” weight ranges applies to females and needs an adjustment to be applicable to males. With all work clothes on (I specify this because I am right on the border and a lack of clothing would change my status) 12 of the 13 guys in our contest weighed in classified as “obese” for their height. If you were to look at the 13 of us I guarantee you would not classify more than 2 as obese.

Listen, most of us could stand to lose a few pounds. But the next time you hear the sky is falling warnings about how 60% of the population is obese, take it with a grain of salt. We may not all be quite the tub o’ lards we’re labeled as. Maybe more like bowls of margarine.

January 12, 2008

On the Second Trimester of Life

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Brinton and Dad at Union Station

There are times when I miss the happy hours, the church singles social events, the possibility of meeting some girl that could be “the one”. Those times last for about 1.35 seconds. When I talk to my single friends who don’t want to commit or my married friends who just aren’t ready for kids, I can barely empathize with them anymore. I was there once. It seems like a long time ago.

Brinton’s down for a nap right now, but I have him for the day while my beautiful wife has a well deserved girls’ day out. Today, my son and I headed out for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. I was passing an area with a train track (not pictured, I’m talking about a real one) and I decided to stop. We got out of the car and walked over to a fence bordering a small farm nearby. A donkey came toward us and Brinton got a big kick out of watching it. Then we heard a whistle in the distance and we hustled toward the tracks so we could watch a massive freight train approach and pass us. I held him in my arms and as the train came close it blew its horn. I’d forgotten how loud they could be. Brinton buried his head in my chest, a little frightened. Then he straightened up and watched the cars rumble along the tracks. He pointed and said “choo-choo.” As the last car passed he waved and said, “bye-bye”.

We went back to the car and headed to the restaurant. Brinton decided to be ornery and eat only one chicken nugget and no fries (go figure). He wanted the wheat bun on my sandwich. We try to be firm about eating what he’s given, but when what he’s given is fried potatoes and he prefers wheat bread, I suppose it’s not a bad decision to let him “indulge.” After eating he played in the toddler playland, clearly marked “FOR CHILDREN 3 YEARS OF AGE AND YOUNGER”, and filled with massive 5 foot tall 3 year olds, some of whom had cracking voices and I could have sworn one had some chin whiskers. He smiled and laughed and climbed to the top and waved to daddy from the windows in the playland and got knocked to the ground by the behemoth 3 year olds playing tag in the tunnels and came down the slide laughing and smiling. He tested my patience a little as we were leaving by refusing to carry his sippy cup out to the car.

We stopped by the scrapbooking store where his mom is spending the day. She and her scrapbooking friend were across the street picking up some things from Hobby Lobby, so I had plenty of time to change a particularly ripe diaper in a bathroom with no changing table while we waited for her. We spent a little time with mommy, and then I brought him home for his nap and he decided he was now ready to eat his chicken nuggets and his fried potatoes. I figured Love and Logic could wait until he can talk, so I gave him his lunch (again) and then put him down in his crib.

If my single friends or “not ready for kids” friends wind up on this page, I’m sure they’ll skip to another entry. And I understand. But would I trade this Saturday in January for one day sleeping in and waiting to go out to the movies or a bar? Or for the kind of extra cash I used to have that would let me watch tonight’s Patriots-Jaguars game on a 60-inch plasma screen instead of a much smaller analog TV? Never. This is my life now, and this is living.

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