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October 20, 2006

Thoughts on money

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I’m being lazy, but I haven’t posted in a while, and I want to put something up.  This is the column I was going to print in the Star before my mom’s incident led me to change it.  I encourage you to follow the link I imbedded in the column to find out how rich you are too.

The birth of our first child is causing a budget crunch in the Davis household.  We’re down to one salary and the addition of formula and diapers and all the safety equipment that wasn’t invented when we were children but is now necessary if we want our baby to live is tightening the noose. We feel uncomfortable with our lack of margin.  What are we going to do if one of the cars quits on us?
So what do I make of Jesus’ words in Matthew 19 when he tells his disciples that it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?  Hand it to the CEO of my company or highlight it and set it outside somebody’s gate on Ward Parkway?  Surely this passage is geared toward someone with that kind of cash flow.
According to 99.16% of the world is poorer than me.  And that’s if I ignore my benefits.  I’m never going to get invited to join any Johnson County country clubs, but it’s time I admit:  I’m filthy, stinking rich!  Jesus’ admonition applies to me more than to almost anyone alive in this world at this very moment.  Scary thought.
This concept of giving, whether of money or of time and labor, is not natural to me.  I want to keep what I have and I value my free time.  But when I step out on a limb and give even a little, I see a glimpse of what Jesus was talking about.  My house and my car are inconsequential compared to the value of the human beings in need that I can help in some way.  Even as I write this and know its truth, I ask myself whether I would really give up certain possessions for someone in need.  Introspection can be painful, but I sure hope in time the answer will be different.

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